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Academe, Flexgility, and Social Engineering

“… it helps us to recognize neoliberalism as not just an economic or political philosophy or “ideological doctrine” but as a broad and multifaceted social movement with widespread implications for all aspects of politics, society and culture. It also helps … Continue reading

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Thoughts and thanks, TASA2015

I just arrived back home in Perth, smelling like a week in the tropics topped off by a plane ride in dirty bamboo socks. My last day in Cairns was spent on a hostel couch, where I slept and stewed … Continue reading

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Real World 2: Responses to the Real World spiel

In the last Sociyology post, I referred to the “Real World” spiel in order to illustrate one technique that might effectively be used to degrade another person in the eyes of an audience. In this post I move away from … Continue reading

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Academia, 2012 – still here

To begin, this: http://www.economist.com/node/17723223   I came across this article in early 2012, over a Hong Kong breakfast and beneath dark clouds. Having just completed my first class honours, I was taking a year off from studying to work at … Continue reading

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