What is this place?

Welcome to sociyology.

To be honest (a theme I hope to keep up) the title ‘soci”yolo”gy’ was the unexpected result of a slippery tongue. That said, I think it is appropriate for a few reasons:

  • It’s indicative of the times in which I write, because who needs dates?
  • It’s tongue in cheek  – which, incidentally, is a fine way to keep from laughing at funerals – enough to stifle any wrong impressions of what to expect from this space.
  • Most importantly, it’s a letter away from what has come to be a real interest: sociology (I don’t feel comfortable tacking the word ‘passion’ onto things). 

I’ve been studying, reading and ‘doing’ sociology for five years now, making me a mere sprout within the field, yet to bloom, bear fruit or entangle myself around anything substantial. However, along with my knowledge, frustrations, enthusiasm and career, I am growing. Think of this space as an outlet for my growing pains, where I can wonder through the field and try out ideas that are not suited to the restrictions of a PhD.

I hope that this space will be of interest to anyone thinking about pursuing (or fleeing from) a PhD and career in academia. More importantly however, I hope it will be of interest to anyone who appreciates or is curious about sociological imaginings. More importantly still (bear with me), I hope this space will yield unexpected joys.

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